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Real Estate

RWT assists its clients with the procurement, development, financing, leasing, and sale of real estate throughout the United States. We provide thorough assessments on properties via title exams, survey reviews, and zoning reports. We draft and deliver a range of agreements, conveyance documents, security instruments, easements, and covenants.

Commercial Transaction

RWT has experience with various commercial transactions, varying from short-term rental investment properties to mixed-use developments. From negotiations to the closing table, we support our clients through the complexities presented during the transaction. Whether reviewing numerous lease agreements or managing communications with all parties, we strive to provide our clients with a streamlined process.

Commercial Planning
& Development

RWT understands the numerous intricacies developers face throughout the development process. We have a tight grasp on the building landscape thanks to our strong ties in the industry. We care for and guide our clients through construction issues, zoning and land use matters, tax and economic incentives, and financing.

Banking & Finance

RWT has represented lenders, portfolio and private, with a variety of commercial loans. With collateral being secured through real estate, leasehold interests, industrial equipment, intellectual properties, stocks and bonds, we are familiar with perfecting our clients’ security interests. We also handle foreclosures, in the case of default.

Corporate Law & Contract

RWT advises small solo ventures to multi-million-dollar corporations. We assist from the ground-up by tailoring the entity’s formation based on our clients’ vision and design as well as assistance with the asset and stock purchases of companies. We take care of an entity’s basic needs by serving as its registered agent. We also prepare documents needed by these entities such as employment agreements, non-compete agreements, and licensing agreements.

Alcohol Beverage Law

RWT serves restaurants/bars, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers. With our expertise, we help our clients navigate the permitting, statutory, and regulatory obligations required by federal, state, and local laws. In addition, we represent those who have received a citation from the TABC for an alleged violation.

Pre-Litigation Dispute Resolution

RWT goes to great lengths to settle conflicts quickly and efficiently. We strive to provide our clients resolutions, in order to protect them from costly litigation. We work to swiftly to mediate internal and external disputes, whether or not a lawsuit has been threatened.

Construction Contracts

RWT is skilled with understanding and explaining how our client’s contracts will affect the profitability of their projects by resolving conflicts as well as drafting contracts that provide the protection needed by anticipating and minimizing risks.

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